Play Group
At our playgroup we enable your child's curious mind to continue their exploration as maximum brain development happens during this period.
Day Care
Our trained child care assistants provide immaculate daycare services. Your child will be taken well care of and will learn new things everyday.
We have developed an well researched and hand crafted curriculum for our student of Jr and Sr. In our Sr KG program we even teach them basic math.
Montessori Teachers’ Training
We are known for hand crafted and well researched Montessori training courses for teachers so that they can develop students skill through age appropriate activities in classroom.
Our classrooms are designed by experts keeping in mind children safety. They are well ventilated and decorated with interactive pictures and graphic comic.
Kindergartens are a place where the mental development of a child takes place. Get best KG information here!
We aim to contribute in your child's better future, with lots of fun and interesting activities for them!
Pre Schools
Want your child to have the best pre-school learning for strong foundation? We offer best learning programmes!
Day Care Centres
At our centre babies are taught to take their first steps and toddlers are introduced to the joy of learning.
Pre School
Quality education in the early years of preschool sets a firm foundation in the overall development of a child.
About Us
We started UV Global Pre School in the year 2016 in Selaiyur, Chennai. We are a popular Pre-School and Day Care Centre in Selaiyur, Madambakkam though multiple preschools exist in the adjoining areas of Mappedu,Thiruvancheri,Kasapuram, Rajakilpakkam. UV Global Franchise is an upcoming preschool franchise school chain across entire Chennai.  Our teaching curriculum is an interesting blend of American Montessori and Finland’s Early Education System. Our main motive behind this was to create a hand on interactive teaching curriculum where we can groom our children's personality and inspire them to cultivate hobbies and talents. Our skilled and experienced faculty tries to make the whole learning process as fun and interesting as possible. At our school we follow the 1:10 students teacher ratio so that each and every student get the deserved attention and care. Our teachers encourage students to explore and question each and every aspect of their life. Our skilled child care assistants take great care of children enrolled in our day care centre. Enrol your child in our pre-school to prepare them for a bright future. 

We focus on building a strong foundation for learning and developing the young minds. Providing high-quality education - right from preschool - is our goal and commitment. While learning comes naturally to children with simpler teaching methods, we facilitate and build on this newly developing ability. We offer your child a completely safe and secure environment - an environment with meaningful play, social interaction and more importantly a love for learning. We have dedicated ourselves to the task of transmuting children into their full potential, through our revolutionary training system.
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